Vastu Compas:-

The Northwest corner is under the influence of the Air (Vayu) element. The impact of this element is movement. It affects the mind, emotions and mood.

The Northwest area can be used for:

Bedroom – best for young adult at an age where they are ready to move out Electricity and Gas entry location Fire place Garage Guest Room Gym Kitchen – second option  Laundry Library Living/Family Room second option for Mechanical Room/Heating Office – if used for long time Store Room.

Functions that should not be located in the Northwest area:

Balcony Bathroom Bedroom for young child Master Bedroom Office to be used full-time Septic Tank Staircase Study Room Toilet Treasury.

East is an auspicious direction, which is recognized to bring good luck, peace, prosperity, harmony and health. East facing plots are recommended for a dwelling place.

The East direction is good for:

Balcony Bathroom Dining area Entry Hall or Waiting Room if the main entry is in the East as wel Laundry Living/Family Room Meeting Room Office/Library Open Space Pooja /Meditation Room Staircase Study Room Toilet and Verandah.

The deity governing East is Indra, who influences physical comfort and mental peace.

The Southeast corner is under the influence of the Fire (Agni) element, which is heat that activates energy. This area is best for kitchen, with the cook facing East when cooking. It’s ideal if the cook can be on theEast wall.

The Southeast area is also best for:

Fire place Electricity and Gas entry location and Mechanical Room/Heating.

It can also be used for the following part-time functions, i.e. the inhabitants are not expected to spend long periods of time there:

Bedroom for short-term guests Gymin formal Kitchen dining Office Study area.

Functions that should not be located in the Southeast area:

Bathroom Bedroom Entrance full-time Office Living Room Pooja or Mediation Area Septic Tank Staircase Toilet Trea suryand Water Tank.

South facing structure brings salvation and freedom from earthly worries to its occupants. A South-facing house is better suited for individuals not interested in worldly affairs but in a more spiritual way of life.

The South direction is good for:

Bedroom Dining Room Kitchen – non-cooking area Living/Family Room Office/Library Septic Tank and Store Room.

The deity governing South is Yama, god of Dharma & Death.