About Course:-

Only Provided to Student who have practised master level for certain period and attuned some students for all levels 

Course Contents

Revision For All Degrees
Real Story
Power of Mind
Powerful Meditation Of Finding Yourself
Attunement Ceremony
Attunement for Reiki Master Process
Attunement for Reiki Grandmaster Process
How to make your own Symbols and Systems
How to Grow Yourself Spiritually
Code of Ethics

Course Duration

Class Duration 7 Hours One Day

Course Fees

Rs. 18500/-

Reiki Second Degree Kit : 
(You will get the following items with this course )

My Clear Bag
Manual of Reiki Grand Master
Note Book
Prospectus of Reiki Power
Reigstration Frorm
Reiki Power DVD
Certificate of Reiki Grand Master

Blessing Crystal Kit