About Course:-

Reiki Second Degree Welcomes you into the world of distant healing. After Attunement of second degree you will be able to send healing distantly anywhere. You will get three most powerful symbols through which you can heal anyone in world without any limitation of time, space, you can heal your past traumas, childhood sufferings, relationships, past lives, job, career, future events, goal manifesting, objects living and non living both
You will also learn about crystals and how they can combined with reiki can heal faster and their healing properties

Course Contents

First Degree revision
Attunement Ceremony
Three Symbols
Use of Symbols
Distant Healing Process
Self Healing and Others Healings
Your Daily Self Healing Process
Knowledge of Crystals - 3 Crystals and How u can heal with crystals
Basics of Pendulum Dowsing
Few Tips and Techniques
Symbol Meditation

Course Duration

Class Duration 4 Hours One Day

Course Fees

Rs. 6000/-

Reiki Second Degree Kit : 
(You will get the following items with this course )

My Clear Bag
Manual of Reiki Second Degree
Note Book
Prospectus of Reiki Power
Reigstration Frorm
Reiki Power DVD
Certificate of Reiki Second Degree

Crystal Mala / Bracelet